The Soak of the Year

When you look annoyed all the time people think you're busy.

I, Psychopath

Hi there faithful reader and/or stumble upon internet surfer looking for porn.

We have lots of original, well-written blogs in the works.  Mostly about sex!  And cannibalism! And how to win the lottery!  We promise.

In the meantime, enjoy “I, Psychopath” a documentary by Sam Vaknin, that takes its name from the Isaac Asimov short story “I, Robot”.  (And, yes, also from the Will Smith film adaptation of that story, which was made by Alex Proyas, a once promising Greek Australian film maker who has recently been hamstrung by marketable but, let’s face it, less than artistic, Hollywood “talent” such as the aforementioned Fresh Prince and Nicholas Cage, of such sub-par, mass appeal, filmed-entirely-on-a-studio-lot product as _____________________ insert your favorite awful Nick Cage movie here).

“I, Psychopath” makes the claim that 1 in every 100 people on earth are, psychologically speaking, a psychopath.

Are you one in a hundred????  Lucky you.  Highly functioning psychopaths are usually quite successful and wealthy!  (If only I could get shut of this goddamn empathy, I’d be stomping throats left and right!  I’d be eating steak for dinner every night, and drinking fine wine, and just leisurely telling others what to do!)

Why are you being treated to this post, at 7 AM on Sunday morning, you may ask.  Well, you can thank Johnnie Walker.



(Normally I just curse Johnnie Walker after puking for 48 hours.)

Well…I just finished running a week-long Scotch tasting hosted by the Johnnie Walker corporation and at the end of the night, they, very generously, gave my staff 2 bottles of scotch each and myself  3 bottles.  I got one black label and two red labels.  I’ve never been much of a scotch drinker before. but, I must say, the Black Label is delicious!

So…to make a long, sad, solo-drinking story short…I’m still awake!


Here’s the doc.

Enjoy!  Assholes!


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