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The crises and madness of Jon Arbuckle

Garfield sucks and so does just about every comic you find in your newspaper. I don’t know why newspapers bother printing comics as I’m sure they’re not only expensive but also they suck. Just looking at one makes me pissed off.

In the United States, comics originally printed as a tactic in the Hearst v. Pulitzer newspaper wars. The immigrants who populated the big cities couldn’t read English but they could appreciate the comics and would read whichever newspaper had the best comics. Why they didn’t simply go online, open the local newspaper in Google Chrome and have the browser translate is beyond me.

Anyhoo, today we still have the comics in the paper taking up ink and paper which makes the existence of comics both foolhardy and wastedful. That said, if it wasn’t for shite comics like Garfield, we wouldn’t be graced with such genius as Garfield minus Garfield which actually improves upon the original.

The concept is to take a Garfield comic and remove the titular feline. It’s genius and see for yourself below.