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A conversation w/gifs

Well, hello there.

Time for another post.

Don’t be scared. You should be happy.


Yeah, that’s it! Got any other smooth moves?

Watch out! Steven Seagal is on the loose!

Oh noes…


A gif-wrapped post

.gifs seem so early last decade, but they’re seen a renaissance as of late thanks to the meme-based culture of the interwebz. Thankfully Jezebel has created A Comprehensive Glossary of Gifs for us all to enjoy and use. Below is a taste to whet your appetite.

Agreed - a response of assent with another

Deal with it - image macro used as a retort to someone's disapproval

O RLY? - used to convey a deadpan response to something doubtful, dumb, or unimpressive

WTF - either a question or exclamation of confusion, amazement, or disbelief