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Rotten Tomatoes graphed

This is awesome. Finally we can see how directors and actors trend when viewing their careers through Rotten Tomatoes ratings. I could write my own description of what constructed but that would be a waste of time. So I’ll take it from them

…use Slate’s Hollywood Career-o-Matic tool…to map the career of any major actor or director from the last 26 years. You can also type in more than one name to plot careers side by side. For example, Paul Thomas Anderson vs. Wes Anderson vs. Pamela Anderson. Mouse over the data points to see which movies they represent. (We’ve included only actors and directors who’ve released at least five films between 1985 and March of this year, according to the RT data, to filter out thousands of bit-actors you’ve probably never heard of.)

This is fantastic and, Jesus Christ, Nicolas Cage is all over the place. I love that guy. Check it out today and tell us who you checked out.


Great Star Wars posters

Let’s take a trip to Nerdville, loyal readers, with some posters made by Olly Moss. More cool stuff can be found at Olly’s website.

Sign me the eff up

“BPG Motors is accepting refundable deposits of $250 for Uno orders. The company says that pricing will be similar to other high-end scooters, so expect $5,000-$7,500.”

Entire X-Files Story Arch in 500 Words or Less (Intro)

If you’re like me (and you should be, cause I’m awesome) you enjoyed the X-Files.

You tuned into the show’s original run at least one Sunday a month.  You watched it in syndication while slightly inebriated on one substance or another.  You even saw the two movies.  (Although unlike me, when you saw the first movie, two teenagers weren’t having sex in the last row of the Regal Brandywine 16 theater.  Yep.  That’s true.  True story.)

You think David Duchovny is a good actor, even if he is “a bull with many cows“. You think Gillian Anderson is equally good, even if she got her start in soft-core porn.  (You’ll have to search for those links on your own kids.  This is a family site.)

But you’ve always been more than a little confused about the whole alien-Smoking Man-human cataloging story arch.  You know it somehow involves bees and some black liquid that turns into worms.  You know Mulder’s sister was (maybe) abducted by aliens.  You know Mulder and Scully never got it on.  (OR DID THEY?!?!?!)

But the whole crux of the story has eluded you.

This may be because the series left it all deliberately opaque.

But it might simply be because no one ever watched all of the episodes in succession.


The Soak of the Year is halfway through the series.  We are watching only the episodes that pertain to the alien story arch and skipping the “monster of the week” episodes.

We will explain the entire plot, or at least what was revealed of it, in two subsequent posts.  Post one will deal with with Seasons 1-4.  Post two will go all the way to the conclusion of the series.  Even the stuff without Mulder if it’s relevant.  The chronology will be short, simple and succinct.

Yeah, you can probably find this somewhere else on the internet.  But, trust us, most of the synopsis (synopsises, synopsisis, synopsis’ – what the hell is the plural of synopsis?) are super long winded and boring.  This one will be better.

Stay tuned