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Cheap beer!

The Soak of the Year loves cheap beers and we’re always on the lookout for our next inexpensive high. Thankfully our friends at Deadspin, in particular Drew Magary, help us find these beers. Each week during the (American) football season Magary’s NFL Dick Joke Jambaroo goes to the readers for a Cheap Beer of the Week and the section is a true bumper crop of, well, cheap beers.

So The Soak of the Year is going to mine this treasure trove and bring to you, loyal readers, outtakes from the Cheap Beer of the Week. No guarantees on the regularity of this feature. We only guarantee cheap booze. Thank us in the comments.

Cheap Beer Of The Week

BLANCO BASURA! Reader Jon submits this delightful import:

This stuff is sold in 5-pack form, in a lunchbox-styled box with a handle and everything. The name is mangled Spanish for “White Trash”, yet the product is proudly made in Mexico and the packaging is colored like the Mexican flag. Like i said, it comes in a 5-pack, with the missing 6th beer actually being a bottle of tequilla. The box boasts “5 beers and 5 shots,” and even comes with a cheap little shot glass for quicker consumption. This shit is classic, costs like 9 bucks for 5 beers and a bottle….. the best part though, is the mascot of the company, which is basically the silhouette of a 3-legged dog.

If it’s good enough for a three-legged dog, then by gar it’s good enough for me. I MUST HAVE IT. The tequila, by the way, is fifty times more terrifying than the beer itself. There’s no way that tequila wasn’t made from embalming fluid. My head is spinning just looking at it.


Hardcore History

This shit is boss.

For more info, go here.