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Rotten Tomatoes graphed

This is awesome. Finally we can see how directors and actors trend when viewing their careers through Rotten Tomatoes ratings. I could write my own description of what constructed but that would be a waste of time. So I’ll take it from them

…use Slate’s Hollywood Career-o-Matic tool…to map the career of any major actor or director from the last 26 years. You can also type in more than one name to plot careers side by side. For example, Paul Thomas Anderson vs. Wes Anderson vs. Pamela Anderson. Mouse over the data points to see which movies they represent. (We’ve included only actors and directors who’ve released at least five films between 1985 and March of this year, according to the RT data, to filter out thousands of bit-actors you’ve probably never heard of.)

This is fantastic and, Jesus Christ, Nicolas Cage is all over the place. I love that guy. Check it out today and tell us who you checked out.